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Ladies, All The Ladies

a film; event; exhibition and DVD

by Lady Lucy at Picture This, Bristol.
26 – 29 November 2008

As a visual artist Lucy Woollett has chosen ‘Lady Lucy’ as an alter ego to work under. In urban music circles this use of the word ‘Lady’ is a re-occurring theme and Ladies, All the Ladies is results of Lady Lucy’s self-imposed search to meet other ‘ladies’.

Lady Lucy’s film and events produce an inspiring portrait of women MCs, DJs, producers and performers involved in Urban music; Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Garage, Reggae, Dance Hall, R and B, House and Grime from Bristol, UK and internationally, all of whom use the prefix ‘Lady’.
Featuring Diss Miss (Dutty Girl, Girl Wonder), Laydee Bird, Lady Free, Lady K & Lady Maximum, Lady Paradox, Lady Raz.


Saturday 29 November 2008


Ladies, All the Ladies

panel discussion

Lady Lucy in conversation with some of the ladies who participated in the film chaired by Bridget Crone, Director Media Art Bath.

Admission Free


Ladies, All the Ladies

club night

A night of music from some of the ladies featured in the film: Lady Free - drum ‘n bass from Hackney, Lady K and Lady Maximum - the UK’s only mother and daughter DJ/MC duo, Laydee Bird and Dutty Girl DJ’s.

Admission £5/£3 conc on the door
For more information about the events see picture-this.org.uk

Ladies, All The Ladies is available as a limited edition DVD published by Picture This.
Ladies, All the Ladies was supported by Picture This’ Small Wonders development scheme, funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation; and received funding from Arts Council England Grants for Arts. Live events in partnership with Invader Records.


Ladies, All The Ladies is available as DVD published by Picture This in a limited edition of 250 copies. Priced at £10 Ladies, All The Ladies is available at Picture This and online through Cornerhouse www.cornerhouse.org/books

A commissioned essay accompanies the project written by Lucy O’Brien. Lucy O’Brien is the author of She-Bop

has been writing on music, feminism and popular culture, for publications including NME, the Guardian, Q and Mojo.

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Chelsea MAFA show 2008

Hi everyone

I am delighted to invite you to our Fine Art MA show at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

If you would like a card invite please send me your address.

Hope you will be able to make it

All the best

Lady Lucy

The staff and students of MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design are very pleased to invite you to :

Chelsea MA Fine Art 2008

Adriana Rivera . Amruta Shah . Amy Stephens . Anahita Rezvanirad . Arina Gordienko . Catherina Turk . Charlie Franklin . David Wojtowycz . Dimitrios Ameladiotis. Flora Whiteley . Harry Chrystall . Hun Kim . Hyung-Min Yoon . Ildikó Buckley . James Noble . Jamie Christian Dyson . Jarrod Sanderson . Jeanne Gargam . Joana Bastos . Jonathan Hood . Kate Brigden . Keiko Takahashi and Adam Smith . Lady Lucy . Lynn Kelly . Manuela Gernedel . Maria Lynch . Martin Lofty . Michael Benjamin Brown . Nana Sachini . Nicole Shimonek . Ope Lori . Pariya Kanasen . peiyuan jiang . Pippa Gatty . Shiho Sakaki . Shikiko Aoyama . Shintaro Yamakawa . Suki Chan . Susie Green . Tyler Bright Hilton . Yuhsuan Yao . Mike Brown . Sylvia Matas .

Private View
Please note : You must have a card invitation or print out this one.

Wednesday 17 September, 6pm - 9pm

Show Open Thursday 18 September 2008, 10am - 8pm
Friday 19 September 2008 10am - 5pm
Saturday 20 September 2008, 10am - 4pm
Sunday 21 September 2008, 10am - 4pm

Chelsea College of Art and Design, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU

For More information on the artists :

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The Stratford Grapevine

If you a passing Stratford Underground Station, you can pick up a copy of The Stratford Grapevine a community newspaper made for and by the characters, staff and groups around Stratford. The project is by artist Lucy Harrison and commissioned by Platform For Art.
Lucy asked if I would draw portraits at Stratford which I did one day in April.
I was delighted to find the portraits fill the double page spread in the newspaper.

Also there adorning the staircase throughfare and balcony are Alan Kane's The Stratford Hoard ; collections of collections of things like sugar sachets, teaspoons, teapots , religous fliers and jugs.

It is all part of The Stratford Research Project

You should go to Stratford Underground Station as it is really good.

Read about the project The Stratford Grapevine here:


You can download a copy of the newspaper :


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Carny Town, Hope you can make it down

Summer’s here and Space Station Sixty-Five has wander lust.
We’re packing up our booths and sideshows and heading east. Following us in their caravans are assorted freaks, bozos, glomming geeks, punks and bearded ladies. We’re pleased to introduce you to- Dominic Allan, Zoë Brown, Marisa Carnesky, Jo David, Charlie Fox, Rachael House, Sarah Jones, Lady Lucy, Mark McGowan, Alex Michon, Cathie Pilkington and WebsterGotts.

“Nothing turns heads quite like a funfair. Whether you spy the procession of lorries and caravans arriving in town or simply stumble across the riggers setting up on the common you are compelled to stop and stare. Once the fair is operating the desire to look is even stronger. The strange extreme architecture and that special glow from the lights draws you closer, to where the sounds and smells hit you. Rock ‘n’ roll and fried onions, screaming girls and diesel fumes.

The basics have really not changed in generations, but they don’t need to. The fairground plays with every sense, as the rides turn your stomach and the unusual landscape overwhelms you with a mix of excitement, fear and notions of romance. Nowhere else can we expect the chance of a quick snog, a mouthful of candy floss and the real danger of fisticuffs for some perceived minor infraction. The thrill of the ride is just a bonus.

Bringing all the fun of the fair (as well as some of the darkness) to this gallery within an east London school, Space Station Sixty-Five have picked the finest freaks, carnies and ride operators in the UK art world to spin the Waltzers and run the sideshows. Ghost Train doyenne Marisa Carnesky is on hand with the plans for her dark ride and Tim Hunkin transports the mundane to new heights for his Ride of Life, which posits the domestic setting as theme park. Alex Michon hails Billy Fury’s fleeting appearance in funfair movie That’ll Be The Day for her film loop piece Stormy’s Temporal Tempest.

Zoë Brown’s study of acrobats brings the circus sideshow into the equation, as does Charlie Fox’s bear performances, while Mark McGowan’s attempt to break a world record brings to mind that carny standard, the freak show. Both Jo David and WebsterGotts show video work that reflects the sense of fun to be had in the ridiculous and overblown atmosphere of the fairground. Meanwhile, Dominic Allan brings playful interaction to the school environment by making a model of a googly-eyed child in the Morpeth School uniform.

No trip to the fair is complete without shooting, throwing or kicking your way to some kind of sideshow prize, with the sculpture of Cathie Pilkington and Sarah Jones reflecting the bizarre items you may take home. Lady Lucy takes the role of the sideshow sketch artist and Rachael House invites visitors to sketch a clown, with both sets of work making up part of the exhibition.” Iain Aitch

Iain Aitch writes for the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Art World. He is also the author of A Fête Worse Than Death and We’re British, Innit (which will be published by Collins on 1 September). He grew up near to the Dreamland amusement park in Margate, Kent.

Carny Town is a Space Station Sixty-Five curation by Rachael House and Jo David at Portman Gallery. For more info go to
Space Station Sixty-Five

Space Station Sixty-Five is one of the very few genuinely independent art spaces in London which has consistently positioned itself alongside the most engaged, exciting and radical contemporary practice. Long may it last!
Dave Beech, artist and critic

Space Station Sixty-Five
an artist-run space in south-east london.

65 North Cross Road, London SE22 9ET

w www.spacestationsixtyfive.com
e info@spacestationsixtyfive.com
v 020 8299 5036
m 07976 601281
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thank you!

It's nice to know somebody is still reading !!

thank you!
hey lady lucy,

I dunno if oyu remember me.......im nosh, coral's good friend & partner in crime this side of the atlantic??

aaanyhoo, im also an artist and i hadn't done anything personal in about 7 years - just exploring other forms. i habitually check out other artists who draw/do similar hings and i started to read your various blogs.
the short version is that i bought the brushpen that you recommended and its TOTALLY got me back on track. I would sell that pen, every single stroke is perfection.

so i thank you form the bottom of my heart for sharing the knowledge.

*i may sound a bit ike a wingnut but i had gotton so bad that i felt i had 'forgotton' to draw cos i used the computer so much. shocking state of affairs.

I hope the MA year goes fantastically

in solidarity!
nosh ;-)